You invest a lot of time and money into your website because it’s essential, so it’s basically like your home; every aspect has to be at the highest level. That’s why a website design is more than important in order to bring your business closer to your customers and potential buyers. 

But nothing comes easy and without help when it comes to the online world. And having a site is not a one-time thing that’s made, and it’s over. Eventually, you will have to redesign your website in order to stay competitive in the market.  

Therefore, hiring a website redesign company is the best way to refresh your site since such a company knows every detail that has to be improved. And be sure that there are many of them which are important.   

Still, how do you know when you have to redesign your website?

Well, before we get into it, first, let’s see what website redesign is and why a website redesign audit is important. 

What Is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a complex and high-level process that involves changing various elements such as the structure, code, content, and visuals of your site in order to serve better to all your site visitors. 

That’s why a website redesign audit is also important to see what has to be improved or changed entirely in the process. In essence, it doesn’t matter how great your website you think it is as long as you don’t redesign it when necessary. 

Therefore, here we will see the top ten signs you have to redesign your site. Let’s begin right away.  

The Website Looks Outdated

It is fair to say that it’s not very difficult to know whether a site is outdated or not, but the challenge is that today it happens more often than ever. The main reason being is because there is so much competition online, and trends change a lot faster than before. 

The reasons why a site is outdated can be various; maybe you don’t have enough time to pay attention, lack of knowing how important it is or just because of simple negligence. Be as it may, you still have to watch out for these important signs:

  • Your site doesn’t look like any other site online.
  • Your site is older than two years, and you haven’t changed anything since then. 
  • It has an enormous bounce rate even though it has a small amount of traffic. 

And the best way to fix it is to hire a site redesign company, but it’s beneficial to know that it may be outdated because it’s not mobile responsive or because of some other simple reason. Still, a more thorough and systematic website redesign audit is needed if that’s not the case. 

It’s Not Designed for the Proper Users

This is maybe the simplest but extremely important sign. In fact, it is pretty simple – if your site isn’t designed for the proper user, then what’s the point of having a website anyway?

Therefore, instead of focusing on how much does it cost to redesign a website, it’s much better to concentrate on how beneficial it’s for your business and all of your services and products. You certainly have come up with a site where you don’t know what they really offer. So, make sure that your site doesn’t look like that at all. Also, the reason may be because your site is focused only on one side or page of it, ignoring everything else. 

You can see this if people come to the site but search for something you don’t have if one page gets a lot of traffic and the rest don’t, and so on.

Users Have a Hard Time Using the Website

Your site is for your visitors, so it’s a huge problem if they have a hard time using it. Having an old site is not good at all, but it’s also an issue if you have an attractive site that it’s not easy to navigate. 

Of course, there are many reasons that can indicate why users have an extremely difficult time using your website. If pages lead them to nowhere and are confusing, if there are more CTAs than needed, the content is not easy to read, and so on. Also, if you realize that the average time on the pages is low, which means less than 10 seconds, or if it’s too long, which means the copy is difficult to read and understand. Furthermore, even if you have organic traffic but no conversion, then users most definitely have a hard time using your website. 

So, if this is the case, you most certainly need a website redesign as soon as possible.

Your Business Has to Promote New Services and Products

If you have a business that doesn’t have new services and products too often or your business is not connected with changing them all the time, a site redesign may not be so necessary. But, if things are different, then a website redesign is a must. That’s why an excellent website redesign audit is needed to examine whether your website needs to redesign when you promote new products or services. At the end of the day, the main goal of a redesign is to keep the site profitable. 

Some of the most common signs that can indicate you need one are if you have one or only a few products or services that exceed all others when it comes to sales or if conversions slow down. So, in order to save time, hiring a website redesign expert is much better than doing it yourself since they will do it effectively and a lot faster.

There Is No Real Traffic, Leads, and Sales

You may have a lot of traffic on your website, but this doesn’t mean that you have a lot of sales by default. And since you are in the selling business and not just a site that provides information to readers, this can be a massive issue. 

You can be sure that you need a site redesign if this is the case or if people fill a form to use your live chat but ask for things you don’t have. Also, tools like Google Search Console show that you are ranking high but for the wrong terms and keywords, and so on. These indicators are some of the crucial ones from a website redesign audit that can confirm to you that you are in the wrong direction and a redesign is necessary. 

The Conversion Rates Are Decreasing

If your conversion rates are decreasing, it’s most certainly time to redesign. Now, it’s important to mention that you have to redesign website without losing SEO and not only keep everything in line but also become better. And it’s interesting but also a problem that conversion rates may slow down even if no one changes anything on site. In fact, this may be the real reason why it is outdated and has to be redesigned. 

Actually, it doesn’t matter so much why this happens in this situation since if conversion rates are constantly decreasing, it’s not a bad idea to make a redesign of your site. If your data shows that conversion rates are dropping and this doesn’t coincide with any changes on the site, don’t expect that something will change and improve by itself. You have to take action, and the best possible way to do so is to hire a website redesign consultant that will certainly help you a lot faster instead of you trying to figure it all out. 

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

You have to be mobile-friendly these days, whether you like it or not. One of the vital elements of an effective website redesign audit is seeing whether a site is easily approachable on mobile phones or not. 

To put it in the simplest way possible, your business will not succeed if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Most people use their smartphones to look for anything all the time, and if your site looks fantastic on a desktop but truly bad on a mobile, you have a problem. But don’t worry, a site redesign company will know how to make cleanup and a slight redesign in order to make the site perfect for mobile users. 

If you are having this problem right now, it is best to act immediately since you don’t want to lose loyal customers that like to purchase through their mobile phones. And there are many people today that always do so through their smartphones while never using their laptops.

Customers Constantly Complain About the Site

Even if they don’t complain, it’s important to allow them to provide you with feedback since it’s beneficial both for them and for your company’s business. People generally like to leave reviews or comments on whether they had a positive or a negative experience. 

Nevertheless, if customers complain about the website all the time by writing bad product or service reviews, using chat or feedback widgets, through social media channels, or contact forms and pages, it’s evident that there is a problem with your site. Also, if your feedback channels report the same type of mistake about the features of the site or anything else connected to the website, it’s time to take action. 

What’s great about this sign is that you maybe won’t have to do a complete redesign since customers can tell you precisely what’s bugging them.

The Company’s Business Is Pivoting

It’s often the case for businesses to pivot, and it may be because of many different factors or reasons. And when pivoting happens, so does the company’s purpose or mission. Therefore, a website redesign on your site is more than necessary. It’s always better to start fresh, and it’s critical to head in the right direction after the changes. 

Suppose the images, videos, messages, and other aspects of your site are no longer accurate, or the branding and the logo no longer fit your company’s purpose. In that case, a website redesign is the best way to pivot together with all the other changes in the company. You may think it’s simple, but it’s more than necessary since there is no point in having a site that’s not in line with the new direction you are taking.

There Are Many Bugs and Errors

Last but not least, if some crucial parts of your site have no traffic at all, or the engagement with the customers has dried up, it’s most likely that your site has many bugs and errors. And this is truly important since it can include privacy and security issues, missing videos or images, broken links, non-loading pages, and many other technical issues that can make even loyal customers unhappy. 

That’s also why a website redesign audit is more than important once again since it’s the best way to review every possible place, button, page, form, video, and so on. Once you do so, you will be able to redesign those pages or the elements that are causing the issues. In addition, it’s also important to mention that a thorough ‘investigation’ is crucial in these moments since you have to solve the problem to its core since you don’t want it coming back again and again.

Final Words

These ten signs most clearly indicate how vital website redesign can be, not only for the site itself but for your business as well. If any of these signs show up knocking on your door, or if more than one is a problem, don’t hesitate to use a website redesign expert and make your site better.  

Don’t forget that a good website redesign it’s about solving the issues you have at the moment, but it’s also about becoming even better before the redesign. It’s a fresh start, it’s a new moment, and it’s a way of beginning a new and different type of journey. So, please don’t waste any more time and start making changes as soon as possible! 

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