A website redesign can take up to 90 days or longer, depending on the complexity and the needs the site needs to meet. 

An entire new redesign always looks like a daunting task; let’s face it, it’s a complex process requiring experts who know precisely what they are doing.


Because there’s a lot of technical language and various other site aspects that a website revamp requires. Therefore, hiring web design services is a wise move since letting professionals do their job brings you two essential benefits – achieving a redesign faster, and it will be made in the proper way.

Studying to do it yourself will waste a lot of your time and money, but even if you hire pros to revamp website, you still want to know how long it will take. 

Therefore, let’s see the three primary steps to site redesign and the web design timeline.

Step 1: Making A Strategy – Maximum 4 Weeks

Reaching out for a redesign website proposal means that you are aware that your site needs a redesign. This moment is crucial since you are being realistic and don’t avoid the fact that a redesign is necessary, no matter how complex the process may be.

The process of a revamp website begins with giving the designers an in-depth outline of your needs to get raw materials to help them base an overall strategy. The process can take a couple of weeks since it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, the designers will make sure you give them all the necessary information they need but also what are your opinions or ideas about particular aspects.

Conducting a detailed research process is crucial for getting the desired web design picture right from the beginning. Some of the essential questions web designers will address include:

  • What type of new visitors and customers do you want to attract?
  • What is your ideal buyer persona?
  • Are your type of customers more likely to view your site on desktop or mobile?
  • What is your fundamental Call-to-Action?
  • Are you heading in a new direction, or do you want to keep your loyal customers?

Answering these questions helps web designers to find their main design target and what your site needs to get. In short, it helps them create a style tile.

The web designers create a style tile

A style tile is a design deliverable consisting of colors, interface elements, and fonts that communicate your site’s essence. The style tile will help make a common visual language between you and the designers and provide a chance for discussions about your goals and preferences.

Don’t worry; you are part of this process in the sense that no one will do something you definitely don’t want. At the end of the day, you are paying for the revamp website, so the designers won’t change your logo or do something out of the blue if you don’t want to. You’ll maybe agree to keep the site’s look broadly the same or change it significantly. 

In essence, the process is exciting and freeing, so make sure to communicate everything you want with the designer since the goal is to become better.

Step 2: Wireframing – 1 to 4 Weeks

Wireframing is the process of web designers drawing interactive products and overviews to establish the flow and structure of potential design solutions. For you, it’s not important whether they use free online wireframing tools or not, but it’s important to know that these outlines will reflect the user’s and your business’s needs.

You will be in contact with the web designer who has your style tile, and they will communicate with you as they work. 

Furthermore, the web designer will prototype wireframes together with the design process and share them with you to know what’s happening. The crucial aspect of this process is that the design will be made in the way of understanding how the wireframes will reflect the user experience. Therefore, you will be taken through the potential customer journey on your website from the customers’ point of view.

Once the design satisfies your needs and you approve the design with the web designers, the web development process may begin.

Step 3: Website Development – Up to 90 Days

The design best practices come at this phase when everything is agreed upon between you and the web designers, and the website development begins. 

This process usually takes up to 90 days, and even though it sometimes may be faster, the cost to redesign a website you pay is about making everything better, not hurrying up to finish it and having no benefits from the revamp website.

Therefore, don’t push the process; instead, concentrate on whether everything you need is accomplished since a few days more or less won’t make a significant difference, but not having the proper redesign can have terrible consequences on your business.

The Redesign Is Over, But the Monitoring Isn’t

Your revamp website is over, and your site is ready and launched, but you still have to collect and review the user data and reactions to your new design. It’s valuable to perform A/B tests for various layouts and features to continuously improve the users’ journey.

Of course, you can’t do everything at once, so concentrate on the most important pages first. You can use the Looker Studio online converting data tool to convert data into customizable informative reports or other platforms to help you see what you are getting. Comparing pre-launch metrics to post-launch metrics is essential, and some of the vital metrics include keyword rankings, site speed, benchmarking leads, conversion rates, etc.

These tests and monitoring will help you improve your website even more. This aspect is critical since nothing in the online world is set and done forever; constant changes and improvements are more than necessary to stay ahead of your competitors. 

That’s why a revamp website is usually needed every two or three years even if you don’t have any issues on your site since a three years old site in the digital world is a lifetime. If you let your website become outdated, then don’t be surprised if loyal customers leave and there aren’t new visitors.

To Sum It All Up

Now you know how long it takes to redesign a website and which steps are primary and most important in the process. Still, more importantly, you know that website redesign isn’t about how much time the process will take but how well the redesign will be made.

Be free and eager to communicate your concerns with the web designers and answer all their questions since the only purpose of asking these questions is to find the best way to improve your website. Since a website redesign is necessary at a certain point in time, don’t look at it as something extremely hard but as a chance to attract more and more visitors once it’s done.

So, feel free to contact us at any time if you have site issues or you want to redesign your website, and we will gladly take the challenge to make your website a place worth visiting all the time!

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