Marketplaces are fantastic places for selling any product since they are a worldwide platform that can reach millions of shoppers. 

However, there’s another side to this coin because they are also highly competitive since, as there are millions of buyers, there are also millions of sellers. Therefore, being the number one choice of any buyer isn’t such an easy job.

Still, every challenge has a solution; in this case, it’s both straightforward and effective. The solution is using an SEO marketplace since it’s the most efficient way to reach shoppers organically. 

There are many ways to do so, but today we will focus on why you should optimize product descriptions for SEO when selling on any marketplace.

You Will Rank Higher on Search Engines

Suppose you sell products on one of the most famous marketplaces, such as Amazon. In that case, your product description on Amazon is essential because it gives potential buyers an insight into what they are looking for.


Because if you optimize product descriptions for SEO, they will reach higher positions on Google and other search engines; therefore, the products will be much more accessible to potential shoppers.

It may come as a surprise, but only 0.63% of searchers on Google click on results from the 2nd page, so it’s crucial to be at the top or at least on the 1st page. 

However, you must never duplicate product descriptions since search engines, especially Google, appreciate only unique descriptions. Otherwise, stealing or duplicating product descriptions from other sources will hurt your business ranking. Google may not punish you for using duplicate product descriptions, but this will most certainly affect your search engine rankings.

Thus, it’s essential to create unique product descriptions with proper keywords at all times.

You’ll Stand Out from Your Rivals

Another essential reason why product description SEO is more than necessary is that your products will stand out from your competitors and biggest rivals.

The global market on all marketplaces is full of sellers who offer the same or at least similar products for sale. That’s why you must think of something different and unique in order to rank higher on search engines and outrank your primary competitors.

Both shoppers and search engines want to see something entirely different that stands out from all other product descriptions in order to see it as valuable. Once they see that your product descriptions are SEO-friendly and stand out from the crowd, they will be sure that you are the perfect solution to their needs.

In addition, you need a unique product description to win shoppers on your side, but more importantly, you need search engines on your side even to get closer to shoppers, let alone convince them to purchase your products. Therefore, the first step to standing out from your rivals is to optimize product descriptions for SEO.

Your Organic Traffic Will Increase

Organic traffic plays a significant role in the success of any business, especially when it comes to selling your products on the most popular marketplaces.

An SEO product description means having the chance to include several keywords in your content. Before ranking your products and providing answers to the user’s search questions, Google and other search engines check on keywords. Google goes through your product description keywords in order to collect relevant information for your potential shoppers once a user searches for a specific query.

Therefore, it’s more than essential to help customers discover your products organically since it shows them your products are trustworthy, reliable, and of high quality.

You have the privilege to include unique keywords in your product description and make it easy for search engines to find your products instead of your competitors’ products. However, it’s valuable to mention that you shouldn’t use a product description generator since you must remember that you are still writing for humans, not robots.

Google uses various aspects to rank a product on its first page, but combining unique product descriptions with proper keywords is one of the essential techniques to achieve success and increase your organic traffic.

You’ll Reduce the Bounce Rate

As always, there are two critical aspects to consider regarding bounce rate. One is the user’s experience, and the other is search engine optimization.

If you optimize product descriptions for SEO, you will cover both aspects perfectly. 

The reason is that potential shoppers usually spend a maximum of 20 seconds before buying something or not. But this isn’t a rule that’s applicable to all shoppers since some will stay even less than 10 seconds.

Regarding SEO, bounce rate is one of the most underestimated metrics, which is a mistake since bounce rate is precisely about the number of visitors to your pages who navigate off of them after viewing just one page.

That’s why it’s vital to think out-of-the-box and develop strategies to make shoppers stay longer and research many of your products. In order to achieve this, you will need to have product descriptions that are engaging and realistic simultaneously.

Therefore, reducing your bounce rate can be done through more than just search engine optimization of your products, but through a combination of being able to optimize product descriptions for SEO and create engaging content in your product descriptions. One helps the other since there’s no value in implementing engaging content without proper keywords since shoppers won’t be able to find your products in the first place.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

What is the primary and only goal of selling your products through marketplaces?

To continuously sell more and more products, which is possible only by increasing your conversion rate.

Therefore, you must generate a lot of leads in order to make this possible, and one of the best ways to do so is through SEO-optimized product descriptions. If you don’t optimize product descriptions for SEO, they will not rank high on search engines or stand out from your primary competitors. Also, you won’t be able to increase your organic traffic or reduce your bounce rate, ultimately leading to a low conversion rate. 

If you don’t utilize the power of SEO-optimized product descriptions, then attracting potential shoppers will be more than challenging. The goal is to bring potential customers to your pages and make them stay longer to become loyal buyers. 

However, the first step of completing this ultimate goal is to bring them closer to your products by convincing them that you are the best choice, which is only possible through SEO optimization. Once you do so, more and more customers will see you as a reliable seller, increasing your conversion rate and bringing you more loyal shoppers and, therefore, more money.

Before we sum it all up, let’s see three helpful tips on how to optimize product descriptions for SEO.

3 Tips to Write SEO-Optimized Product Descriptions

Since we covered why you should SEO-optimize product descriptions, we will also give you three helpful tips on how to create SEO product descriptions.

Pick Your Keywords Wisely

As mentioned before, keywords help Google to understand your pages and products better and serve them to the proper users.

Therefore, you have to conduct a thorough keyword research with the best keyword research tools and make your choice according to:

  • How hard is it to rank for a particular keyword?
  • How many users search for the keyword you consider using?
  • How many related terms would fit naturally with the keyword?

Also, using long-tail keywords is beneficial since the longer the phrase, the more likely your content would be a perfect fit.

Place the Keywords Properly

Once you have the most suitable keywords for your product description, placing them correctly is even more important. The goal isn’t to stuff them just like that or use too many keywords that can lead to keyword cannibalization. 

The number of keywords may vary depending on the marketplace. However, you should focus on not using too many keywords in a product description and also implement them naturally according to the entire context of the description.

Avoid Using Duplicate Content

Google has a contradictory attitude regarding duplicate content since it simultaneously advises strongly against using duplicate content while it also tells us that it won’t dramatically destroy search engine rankings that are earned through hard work.

However, its algorithm knows how to figure out duplicate content, and too much duplicate content can also confuse search engines, which leads to a bad reputation.

In addition, crawl bots prefer spending less time in one place, meaning that too much duplicate content wastes the crawl bots’ time, leading to not indexing your content. Therefore, avoid copying when creating your product descriptions and concentrate on being original.

To Sum It All Up

Now you know why you should SEO-optimize product descriptions when selling on marketplaces, so the only thing left to do is to create authentic SEO product descriptions.

Remember that this brings you a higher ranking on search engines, standing out from rivals, while you also increase your organic traffic, reduce bounce, and increase your conversion rate.

Ultimately, once you optimize product descriptions for SEO, you are bringing more money to your table!

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