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  • ecommerce website design Website Design and Customization
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ecommerce website design

How Online Store Web Design and Development Works

  • ecommerce consultation Step 1 : Consultation & Quote
  • ecommerce website design Step 2: Design & Review
  • ecommerce development Step 3: Development & Buildout
  • ecommerce payment intergration Step 4: Payment & Integrations
  • ecommerce website delivery Step 5: Delivery & Deployment
  • ecommerce managed services Step 5: Managed Services

Step 1: Consultation & Quote

ecommerce consultation

Our first step is to work with our prospective clients to analyze there needs and provide an proposal and quote. We do this by scheduling a phone meeting to learn more about your goals and get the information we need to properly plan and quote your website. If the client accepts the quote and places a deposit, we move on to step two and work begins.

Step 2: Design & Review

ecommerce website design

Our second step is to design the look and feel of your website. Our graphic design team and UX pro's will create a unique and well thought out design for your website Once we have a first draft we provide the clients an opportunity to review and make revisions to their satisfaction. The number of revisions included depend on the package and budget for the project.

Step 3: Development & Buildout

ecommerce development

Our third step is to take your approved design and send it to our developers to be coded and configured in a staging environment. Once we have the site online we will build out all content and features requested and provide and opportunity for clients to review the site functionality.

Step 4: Plugins & Integrations

ecommerce intergrations

Our third step is to take care of any custom integrations such as plugins, payment processors, crm connections and other finishing touches. Once the site looks right and works as expected it its almost time to go live but first we need a final signoff from our clients.

Step 5: Delivery & Deployment

ecommerce website delivery

Our fifth step marks the completion of the project after the site is pushed to a production hosting environment and site files delivered to the client. This happens after client approves the final version of the site and final payment has been received.

Step 6: Managed Services

ecommerce managed services

Our final step is managed web services which is optional, but highly 100% recommended. In order to keep your site running smoothly and and maintain access to ongoing prompt support we offer managed web service contracts on a monthly retainer basis.

all ecommerce websites

All Ecommerce Websites Include

All of our ecommerce website projects come turnkey and ready to take sales upon project completion. Our experience has taught us what an ecommerce website needs to be successful and will put our skills to work for you.

  • error free website Error Free Valid Code
  • responsive website design Responsive Design
  • up to date website Up-To-Date Components
  • website preformance optimization Performance Optimized
  • seo ready website SEO Optimization Ready
  • website ssl certificate Free Security Certificate

WooCommerce Store Features

sell online
Sell Products and Subscriptions

Whether sellng a product, service or reoccuring subscription we can tailor a solution to fit your business. Wordpress + Woocommerce delivers enterprise results.

get paid online
Accept Credit Cards Through your Website

As an SSL-encrypted website, the certificate improves your web presence and reinforces your company's reputation.

online orders
Manage Orders and Invoices

Track, manage and update all of your orders in one place. Monitor the progression of your sales from a newly invoiced to shipped order for a streamlined workflow.

ecommerce shipping
Shipping Options

Provide provide your customers with multiple shipping options so that they can request and pay for express shipping during there checkout process.

ecommerce automation

Provide your customers the ability to self service new sales and reduce your workload with automatic invoices, order confirmation emails and more.

ecommerce products
Product Attributes

Assign product groups and attributes so that you can easily manage your online store's selection, sort by product and easily select the size, color or quantity they need.

ecommerce logins
Manage Customer Logins

Allow your customers to create an account or proceed as a guest for convient shopping for one time buyers and long term customers alike

ecommerce payment gateway
Payment Gateways

Choose a payment processor of your choice and integrate the ability to securely accept electronic payment via credit card or electronic check.

ecommerce credit cards
Accept Credit Cards

Securley process electronic payments and allow your customers to shop with credit cards by integrating a 3rd party payment processor to your Woocommerce store.

ecommerce tax options
Tax options

Collect the appropriate tax for your sales with flexible tax options powered by Wordpress + Woocommerce. Sync with major third party bookkeeping software.

Woocommerce Website Management

Get the support you need to make your Woocommerce website a smashing success with managed web services. We will keep your site up to date, looking they way you want and ensure you have ready access to technical expertice.

ecommerce store management
  • woocommerce tech support Technical Support via Ticket
  • woocommerce shop changes Shop Changes via Ticket
  • woocommerce store updates Theme and Plugin Maintenence
  • woocommerce product management Product Additions & Modification
  • woocommerce media management Media Managment & Optimization
  • woocommerce backups Backups & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • woocommerce web hosting Web Hosting Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Woocommerce is a wordpress pluin that enables ecomerce functionality. Woocommerce is AVC’s go to choice for ecommerce websites. Wether your selling products, services or subscriptions woocommerce has the ability to accommodate your ecommerce use case. Woocommerce is opensource and has a large community to ensure you will have a reqular updates and a ecommerce website build with the future in mind.

Wordpress in open source blogging platform and online CMS powering over 30% of the websites on the internet. Wordpress is a easy to use tool that allows easy self management of website content. Wordpress utilizines plugins to add additional functionality and integrathings and the ability to create themes so your site is unique and looks great.

A: We will install your ecommerce website on a hosting provider of your choosing as well as deliver your project code and files. If you do not have a hosting provider preference we can help you choose the right provider for your project. At Alpha Victor Charlie we recommend Wpengine for all projects built on Wordpress and Woocommerce. Wpengine is the leading digital experience platform...

A: On average a new ecommerce website project will take between 30 and 60 days from start to finish. A project starts when a quote is accepted and deposit received by Alpha Victor Charlie. A project is considered completed when the client signs off on the finished product and and AVC has delivered source and assisted in launch of a completed, production ready website. Project timeline can vary due to project size and complexity. A proposed project timeline will be included with any website quote. Alpha Victor Charlie also has the ability to accommodate rush delivery for projects that just can’t wait.

A: Alpha Victor Charlie can provide support for your ecommerce website to ensure you have the training, administration and support you need to be successful. Our team has many years experience working with online technology and we are ready to put our knowledge to work for your business through our managed web service. Learn more about managed web services here...

A: Alpha Victor Charlie aka AVC is a web technology consulting agency specializing in ecommerce and lead generation. AVC is a group of dedicated professionals that came together to help businesses achieve success online. The AVC team and partners have many years of technology experience in specialties such as web design, systems integration, technology education, lead generation and more.

woocommerce website design

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