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We are a web design agency specializing in ecommerce and lead generation websites. As a web consultancy we also provide managed web services to help you grow your business and acheive success online.

About Alpha Victor Charlie

Alpha Victor Charlie, aka AVC is a web design agency specializing in lead generation and ecommerce website design.

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At AVC we provide web technology consulting services to help develop winning online business strategies . We use the internet to showcase your brand and most importantly drive sales through your website. The Alpha Victor philosophy is build websites the right way and trustworthy web technology advisory. Our team has many years of web experience guides our sucessful process of building, deploying and maintaining professional websites. We look forward to the opportunity to help you get more conversions through your website.

Alpha Victor Charlie was founded in 2018 by Amanda Caracappa and is headquartered in Austin, Texas . We are located at 1600 Barton Springs Road #2604 Austin Texas 78704. AVC is built on the idea that your online presence should serve as an asset for your business and have a meaningful return on investment. Our process of developing long term preforming web assets is to utilize best practices, compelling design and regular iteration to acheive a high conversion rate.

What We do

At AVC (Alpha Victor Charlie) our main focus is ecommerce and lead generation websites. We have developed innovative strategies which incorporate best practices in web design and development to deliver a online presence that generate leads and sales. Our team of experts has the ability to take your business to the next level. Whether your selling a product or looking to generating leads for your agency you need a websites that look great. We will build you a website that is tailored to fit each business unique goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Alpha Victor Charlie aka AVC is a web technology consulting agency founded in Austin Texas. AVC is a group of dedicated professionals that came together to help businesses achieve success online. The AVC team and our partners have many years of technology experience specializing in web design, systems integration, lead generation and msny other nitche ares of the web.

A: Alpha Victor Charlie builds ecommerce websites and lead generation websites. Whether your business needs to process transactional sales online or generate quality leads for your sales team AVC has the experience to deliver success online. Alpha Victor Charlie builds websites on wordpress and jamstack utilizing only valid code and best practices to deliver web asset that get results.

A: On average a new website project will take between 30 and 60 days from start to finish. A project starts when a quote is accepted and deposit received by Alpha Victor Charlie. A project is considered completed when the client signs off on the finished product and AVC has delivered source and assisted in launch of a completed, production ready website. Project timeline can vary due to project size and complexity. A proposed project timeline will be included with any website quote. Alpha Victor Charlie also has the ability to accommodate rush delivery for projects that just can’t wait.

A: Ecommerce: An ecommerce website is a place that allows your customer to shop your selections or products and services online. Self service checkout, payment and easy self-service account administration allows you to easily turn visitors to your website into new customers. AVC ecommerce solutions can accommodate products, services, subscriptions and other unique online sales scenarios. At Alpha Victor Charlie we build ecommerce websites with Wordpress and Woocommerce.

Lead Generation: Lead gen is the process of acquiring qualified prospects for your business. Qualified is the keyword as leads are no good if they are not interested in what your selling. Alpha Victor Charlie will generate targeted landing pages for your products or services along with the supplemental pages and information needed to build the credibility and trust you need to convert visitors into customers.

A: Websites cost vary depending on the size of the project and its complexity. AVC can only provide and accurate quoted after we evaluate your projects specific needs and prepare you a detailed quote. That being said, there is a price sheet that can serve as a guide to estimating project cost. Please reach out to us with more information about your project and what services your interested in and we email it immediately.

A: Rush delivery is available when required. Pricing for rush delivery can be significantly increased but varies based on the Alpha Victor Charlie workload at the time of the request. Get in touch now to learn more about rush delivery and how fast we can get your website online.

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Visitors who trust your website will spend more time on it and are more likely to contact you or complete a purchase.

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