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  • cloud support Cloud Enviornment Support
  • website management Web Asset Management
  • website dr planning Disaster Recovery Planning
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Need support for your cloud environment? We can help!

We have experience with AWS, Digital Ocean, GCP and most other major cloud providers. Let our admin team keep your servers running smoothly, spftware up-to-date and ready to take actions when things stop working as planned.

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Cloud Support Includes:
  • public cloud help AWS & Digital Ocean & GCP and Other’s
  • cloud configuration help Cloud Configuration Managment
  • server maintenence support Server Updates and Maintenence
  • linux help Linux Administration
  • networking support Network Administration
  • website monitoring Monitoring and Alert Response
  • cloud and server migrations Server and App Migrations

Web Asset Management

Your hosted web assets are valuable resources for your business and deserve responsive, expert care. Our team of web professionals is ready to stand by your side and help your get results online. dedicated and skilled team to keep your systems working as they should, updated as needed and creating value for your business.

We help manage important web assets:
  • website changes Website Change Requests
  • website monitoring Application Monitoring
  • website updates Managed Updates
  • website dns help DNS Managment
  • website crm intergration CRM Intergration
  • website analytics setup Analytic's Intergration
  • website backups Managed Backups
  • ssl certificates help SSL Cert Support
web asset management

Disaster Recovery Planning

Plan for a disaster before it’s too late. We will ensure you have redundant offsite backups and that your ready to deploy them when emergency strikes. We have you covered no matter if your looking for full service support, or just DR planning.

  • hot and cold standby servers Active and Passive DR Services
  • local and remote backup storage Onsite and Offsite Backup Planning
  • backup and recovery documentation Documentation Plan
  • website downtime monitoring Monitoring Alert Response
  • website backup testing Fire Drill Recover Tests

Active & Passive DR Services

hot and cold standby servers

We have options for passive DR where your backups are ready to bedeployed at a moments notice should the need arise as well as active DR with a replicated standby production enviornment is always up and running for a fast failover.

Onsite & Offsite Backups

local and remote backups

We keep redundant regular backups so you have access to multiple copies of your code, media and databases fast when you need it. We store your backups securely in multiple offsite datacenter locations.

Documentation Plan

backup and recovery documentation

Backups are no help if you do not know how to get access to them when needed or how to deploy them correctly. Your DR plan will have all the info you need to recovery from an outage fast.

Monitoring & Alert Response

website downtime monitoring

Get peice of mind knowing somone is always watching your web assets. We can monitor and promptly respond to any inidents on your behalf while keeping you in the loop.

Fire Drill Recover Tests

website backup testing

In order to ensure your backups will work correctly and can be quickly deployed we will regular test your plan and report back any deficencies we find.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Subscribing to manages services gets you access to the support your need, when you need it. Alpha Victor Charlie’s managed web services get you on demand access to a web technology consultant who assumes responsibility for your web assets and is available to your for regular maintenance/patching, change requests, emergency response or other agreed upon services.

A: A fee paid in advance in order to secure professional services at a later needed time. At AVC our managed web services are contracted on retainer. Our retainer contracts are billed at the 1st of the month and due before the 7th. We choose a retainer fee schedule to ensure we maintain the availability to give your business the attention it needs when you need it.

A: The Alpha victor Charlie team has experience with all the major public cloud providers including AWS, GCP, AZURE and others. Our team includes knowledgeable network and linux administrators as well as enterprise systems engineering resource. AVC can guide your business through your next cloud project to ensure scalability, availability and staying within budget or plan and execute a migration of your legacy assets to the cloud.

A: A web asset manager maintains and supports your online websites and services as a money manager would balance, diversity and trade your portfolio. Web asset management allows access to the remote hands you need to stay up to date, get changes made when you need them, and have access to support for troubleshooting and downtime response.

A: DR Planning is a document containing the information about where your backups are and how to access and use them. A DR plan will save the day in the event your business critical sites and services suffer a outage. Having a DR plan is important but more important is knowing who on your team carry which responsibilities should disaster strike.

A: Alpha Victor Charlie aka AVC is a web technology consulting agency specializing in ecommerce and lead generation. AVC is a group of dedicated professionals that came together to help businesses achieve success online. The AVC team and partners have many years of technology experience in specialties such as web design, systems integration, technology education, lead generation and more.

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