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lead generation website design

How Online Store Web Design and Development Works

  • website consultation Step 1 : Consultation & Quote
  • lead generation website design Step 2: Design & Review
  • website development Step 3: Development & Buildout
  • website form intergrations Step 4: Forms & Integrations
  • leadgen website delivery Step 5: Delivery & Deployment
  • lead generation managed services Step 5: Managed Services

Step 1: Consultation & Quote

website consultation

Our first step is to work with our prospective clients to analyze there needs and provide an proposal and quote. We do this by scheduling a phone meeting to learn more about your goals and get the information we need to properly plan and quote your website. If the client accepts the quote and places a deposit, we move on to step two and work begins.

Step 2: Design & Review

lead generation website design

Appon approval of the quote we will further develop a plan of action for your project as well as create a timeline. We then begin work with you to iterate the initial design prior to development.

Step 3: Development & Buildout

website development

Our second step is to design the look and feel of your website. Our graphic design team and UX pro's will create a unique and well thought out design for your website Once we have a first draft we provide the clients an opportunity to review and make revisions to their satisfaction. The number of revisions included depend on the package and budget for the project.

Step 4: Forms & Intergrations

website form intergrations

Our third step is to take care of any custom integrations such as plugins, payment processors, crm connections and other finishing touches. Once the site looks right and works as expected it its almost time to go live but first we need a final signoff from our clients.

Step 5: Delivery & Deployment

leadgen website delivery

Our fifth step marks the completion of the project after the site is pushed to a production hosting environment and site files delivered to the client. This happens after client approves the final version of the site and final payment has been received.

Step 6: Managed Services

lead generation managed services

Our final step is managed web services which is optional, but highly 100% recommended. In order to keep your site running smoothly and and maintain access to ongoing prompt support we offer managed web service contracts on a monthly retainer basis.

Lead Capture Forms

Collect the information you need to turn prospects into customers. We will intergrate forms into your website design which will allow you to aquire the information you need to value and act on your leads effeciently. We have the ability to integrate simple forms or complex dynamic multi-step information capture.

  • collect customer information online Collect Customer Information
  • grow my sales online Grow Business Sales
  • develop forms online Single and Multi-Step Forms
  • transmit lead information securely Secure Lead Transfer
  • transmit leads with email or api Transmit Leads via Email or API
  • send leads to your crm Integrate with a CRM / ERP

lead generate website forms

Lead Capture Landing Page Examples

Take a look at some of our newest projects below. These examples will give you an idea of what we can build for your business and how a basic lead capture works.

lead generation websites

Single and Multi-Page Websites

Whether you have an exhisting website and want to add a single targeted landing page or require a complete multi-page website, we can help. We have a solution for any budget and we can work with your exhisting website or start from scratch for a complete redesign.

  • higly targeted websites Highly Targeted Pages
  • high conversion websites Designed for Conversions
  • static design and wordpress design Static Design or Wordpress
  • performance optimized websites Performance Optimized
  • seo ready websites Search Engine Optimization
  • website ssl certificates Free Security Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A lead gen website is build with one purpose in mind. That is to generate high quality, actionable leads. A good lead gen page is highly targeted and provides the information needed to build credibility and trust with your website visitors. AVC builds pages that drive conversion lead forms that gather the information you need to move forward in your sales process. Lead generation websites can be single page, multipage and have a variety of form types.

A: We will install your lead generation website on a hosting provider of your choosing as well as deliver your project code and files. If you do not have a hosting provider preference we can help you choose the right provider for your project.

A: On average a new lead generation website project will take between 30 and 60 days from start to finish. A project starts when a quote is accepted and deposit received by Alpha Victor Charlie. A project is considered completed when the client signs off on the finished product and and AVC has delivered source and assisted in launch of a completed, production ready website. Project timeline can vary due to project size and complexity. A proposed project timeline will be included with any website quote. Alpha Victor Charlie also has the ability to accommodate rush delivery for projects that just can’t wait.

A: Alpha Victor Charlie can provide support for your ecommerce website to ensure you have the training, administration and support you need to be successful. Our team has many years experience working with online technology and we are ready to put our knowledge to work for your business through our managed web service. Learn more about managed web services here...

A: Alpha Victor Charlie aka AVC is a web technology consulting agency specializing in ecommerce and lead generation. AVC is a group of dedicated professionals that came together to help businesses achieve success online. The AVC team and partners have many years of technology experience in specialties such as web design, systems integration, technology education, lead generation and more.

lead gen webdesign

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